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ESG combines deep sector expertise and decades of experience with an entrepreneurial technology culture. Our >500 experts operate in five locations across UK, USA & Japan.

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ESG is backed by leading private equity investor Accel-KKR

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    We’re members of key associations including NAESB, EnergyUK, Zemo, Women’s Utilities Network, NAESB, Cornwall Insight EV Group, BEIS & Energy Systems Catapult trials plus dozens of sector work groups to help turn change into customer benefit

    Our market entry value brings dozens of new leaders into energy markets.

    We underpin your customer best practice, sustainable growth, sector compliance & service innovation

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      Turning change into opportunity

      Digital business models, distributed technology & customer empowerment are transforming how energy customers, markets and assets are managed. We turn sector change and regulatory programmes into your competitive agility through new SaaS platform features. We engage deeply in sector change programmes to deliver the earliest operational readiness & assured compliance to underpin your continued growth.

      We represent energy companies in sector
      change programmes

      We attend >70 sector groups & change programmes proactively across our markets to help form benefits & reduce impacts from mandated change. In UK, our people represent small Suppliers independently in the Switching programme and Smart Energy Code and RECCo.

      Sharing change insight
      in our own forum

      Our Energy Insights initiative shares the future of energy in our forum, blog, thought leadership and conferences. We have speakers at the forum from government policy bodies, regulators, market bodies, customer advocacy and technology innovation groups to brief our extensive network.

      Dedicated to your continuous competitive leadership

      We partner our customers so that they deliver the best customer experience for their B2B and B2C end-customers in the journey towards Net-Zero. We focus our talent, technology and innovation so that you always thrive competitively. Our team works intimately with your business and service eco-system partners to the deliver seamless, automated customer journeys.

      Quality is at the heart of our business, so we place great value in our certifications for ISO 9001 and 27001

      As electricity vehicles are adopted globally, we are members of Zemo (formally the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership) & EV groups, participate in trials for interoperability & benefit across EVs & smart meters.

      Expand to lead global energy markets

      ESG provides the market leading software platform to manage energy customers, markets and assets in North America, United Kingdom and Japan. Contact us to discuss your global energy competition needs.

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