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ESG is the energy market’s most popular technology platform. We understand the power of your data. We’ve helped energy providers attract, manage, and bill their customers for over 25 years.

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Our Focus

Get results from better decisions, using better data & insights

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    Our Customers

    ESG is a catalyst for change in the energy market.

    We are at the heart of low-carbon, digital transformation - helping us all on the journey to smarter, cleaner energy. We support:

    Energy providers

    Energy providers speed up their processes, lower their costs, and focus on their customers. 

    Energy consumers

    Energy consumers understand and control their energy costs. 

    The world

    The world on its journey to smarter, cleaner energy. 

    ESG Stats

    We work with over 300 customers

    35 million energy meters

    400 industry experts worldwide

    We manage 40% of all UK smart meters

    We work in every deregulated state in the US

    SOC 2 certified in North America and ISO 9001/27001 in the UK

    A number of our customers are already operating successfully today in elective Half Hourly Settlement.

    We’re experts in data.

    We’ve been leading the way with energy data management for over twenty years. Here’s just a few reasons how ESG can enhance your business.

    Result focused
    20 years+
    future ready
    energy veterans
    never let you down

    Our Journey

    We Always deliver on our promises.

    We live by our epic values - Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Collaboration - helping to drive the industry and our customers into a Net Zero future.

    Proven technology

    Our end-to-end SaaS platform supports 20 million customer accounts across the globe.

    Designed to handle data

    We can process billions of rows of data, and all our products are capable of scaling to meet future needs.

    Focus on what matters

    At ESG, we simplify the complex. We’ll help you automate processes so you’re free to concentrate on your customers.

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