Market-Wide Half Hourly Settlement

ESG welcomes Ofgem announcement of Market-Wide Half Hourly Settlement Programme initiation

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We welcome discussing and exploring your MHHS and wider intentions.

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    New solution value for MHHS

    Our solution will build upon and deliver benefits from the choices our customers have already made in ESG UK solutions, including our new CentreStage data unification platform and forthcoming solutions.

    New Solutions

    We will integrate our solutions for smart metering, market transactions and the new faster basis for switching to offer a cohesive, comprehensive solution & managed delivery model.

    Unlocking Benefits

    As we have for the Switching Programme, we will seek to unlock the benefits of MHHS for our customers while providing a managed approach that minimises cost and complexity in the transition.

    Smart Energy Pricing

    ESG is also developing a Smart Energy Pricing solution during 2021 that will integrate into the MHHS solution so that energy Suppliers can offer, manage, settle and reconcile their smart competitive tariffs for energy and related devices.

    A number of our customers are already operating successfully today in elective Half Hourly Settlement.

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